Monday, 19 November 2012

The majestic,cool & the plain silly

Jacket: River Island
Tank Top: American Apparel
Black Shirt: Tom Wolfe
Trousers: H&M
Boots: House of Fraser

So Today I've decided to do the military look, I've had this jacket for a few years now & I feel like its never been out of fashion. When I first bought it, back in 2010 Military fashion was just taking off so at the time people didn't get the whole look, and I was pretty much the kid who wore the weird clothes, or maybe it was just the city I lived in (Peterborough). Soon enough the whole military look went off a craze all thanks to Chezza. Would you believe that I got those boots for only £3? Yes I know I was shocked too! It was on a sale at House of Fraser, it's crazy thinking it used to be £120. I mean its 2 size bigger but hey I have to have it. 

Monday! I used to hate mondays, but rescently ive been falling inlove with it as it's pure fashion design lesson. Today a lecturer from London College of Fashion came in to have a talk about footwear & accessories spec drawings, which was really fun!

Then we had a talk from a second year Helen Kirmkum. She is one of the coolest girl I've ever met! she's already done so much in her two years of being in uni, she's inspired me in a way to work harder & achieve goals that I've set up coming into university. She had work experience for some high end London based designers & traveled the world all expenses paid by Northampton University scholarships which hopefully I'll win! I've leant so much from her and her experiences. She also thought my fashion & footwear designs were good and compared them to one of the third year student who's doing foot wear design, who has won numerous prestigious awards, so that was a confident boost on my end.

The rest of the day pretty much consisted of sketching spec drawings, a lot of chit chats with the girl friends and taking vanity pictures of our selves. 

I just came from Volleyball for three hours of training, then straight after that was Cheerleading. Yes I'm a cheerleader. Meaning I'am completely shattered. Therefore I'am going to end it at that, so I can relax have a cup of what ever juice I have left then go to sleep! Good night!

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