Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Creepers Gonna Creep, Embrace your inner punk.

Creepers are becoming a big trend right now, and in the next few months it will get bigger and bigger. I might be a bit late on the bandwagon with this one but creepers have been praying on my mind for months! When they first crept on to the scene (see what I did there) I was unsure if they were for me. As cool as they looked on others I never thought I'd pull them off. I decided to give them a shot though and I'm so glad I did. These classic black suede ones are from well its complicated (A few of my fellow students would know the whole facade). But You can see my exact pair here. There are a whole host of creepers available on this site, from the classics to studded or leather versions. 

History? 'Brothel Creepers' as they became known were originally worn by soldiers of WW2 based in North African deserts. They wore suede boots with 'crepe' soles. Many ex-soldiers continued to wear the boots out to certain nightspots in London which is why they became known as "brothel creepers". The shoes were then adopted in the late 50s by Teddy Boys and have been in and out of fashion ever since - gaining popularity with all types of subcultures. Interesting stuff!

Mainly I have been pairing them with my black stretch skinny jeans, what I've noticed is if you're a guy and have chunky calfs like mine, the best way to style this is by wearing something white or bright socks and fold your jeans like I did on the pictures to even out the shape of your legs. This is just my personal opinion but I think guys with skinnier physique legs could pull this off more than guys with body structure like mine. In the autumn months I'm planning on wearing them to Uni with shorts. They're so comfy to walk in (although I haven't covered any serious ground in them as of yet) and add a edgy look to any outfit. They are a lot lighter than I imagined as well which means they don't feel heavy on my feet after a day of wear. Visually they are a seriously beefy shoe. But this supposedly means they create a flattering illusion of a slim long leg due to the chunky contrast.
It's my first venture into anything flatform as well. It's not that I've been avoiding the trend it's just the trend seems to be avoiding me. I've not come across any flat forms that I truly like (apart from my white doc martin boots which gives me blisters when I wear them.)

Photos by Sheena

Earrings: Top Man
Black Shirt: Republic
T-Shirt: Sure Camden
Skinny Jeans: Top Man
Leather Black Bag: Top Man
Socks: Nike
Suade Creepers: ...

Twitter: jeff999999



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