Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Country Song On The Juke Box This Summer

The spring/summer season is now firmly upon us, so what does that mean for fashion trends in men’s clothes. Well, town really does meet country this season, cosmopolitan boys around the world will be donning their checked shirts, throwing on a pair of camel-coloured boots, and strutting their funky bumpkin/preppy stuff throughout the urban jungle.

This is great news for most of you guys, because you will not have to rush out and buy yourself a completely new wardrobe. Rather, this trend is borrowing from recent fashions, but with twists and turns to bring together a whole new look. This recent movement is neither townie nor country, taking from both to create a new, exciting, and unique style that will produce incredible results when pulled off successfully.

The country feature of this new style comes from the traditional, upper-class look. Plenty of plain white Ts, as well as the lumberjack/tree-feller style shirts are big news this season. Bring out your checked preppy, geek-chic, shirts for another year; they fit perfectly with the country/townie look, giving a completely new identity to these men’s clothes. Great news then as there is no need to rush out and buy a number of new items, last years are perfect, feeling current and fashionable. Make the most of it, because that isn’t how fashion trends normally work.

Now we come to the town side of the fashion; bring out your chinos, the bright coloured trousers stashed away at the back and possibly even your braces when feeling brave. The successful conjoining of town and country will put together a flair of the outdoors with the tailored, slim-cut, geek-chic look. Keep your skinny jeans to hand as this summer they are perfect – team them with large, oversized denim shirt on top of a tank top and finish off the outfit off with either bright coloured sleepers/sandals, or a narrow pair of boat shoes – depending on whether you lean more to the country or more to the townie tendencies of the modern world.

Remember, simple with a touch of bright pastel colour is key this season, do this by layering the upper portions with shirts, jumpers, and waistcoats – this will give an extremely masculine air to your silhouette. Clearly, you should not be too excessive in your layering (a maximum of 2 layers at a time as a general rule), otherwise the look you create is too ‘busy’ giving a confused appearance to the outfit.

Colours are of particular interest this season; boldness being all the rage – if you are brave enough opt for brightly coloured chinos, make sure to pair it with a neutrally coloured top half. When it comes to colour schemes, bear in mind: only wear one item of bright clothing, if you elect for a bright shirt, then wear neutral coloured bottoms, and vice versa – too much colour, and you risk pulling off a country/townie/clowny look – fashion senses are not sophisticated enough to cope with that cacophony just yet.
                                                            Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
                                                            White Tee: Wrangler
                                                            Jeans: River Island
                                                            Boots: Dickies

Photos by Jeff Evangelista
Model: Callum Phillips 

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